Gry miejskie w Krakowie
Gry miejskie w Krakowie

Urban Game Price

The price of the urban game depends on:

  • the duration of the game (number of pit stops),
  • the number of teams,

The price is calculated individually for each customer.
We have prepared an approximate calculation depending on the number of participants, duration and type of the game.

Ilość osób / ilość drużynCzas trwania gryCENA / os.
6 os / 2 drużyny2,5 h205 PLN / 49 Euro
4 h240 PLN / 57 Euro
12 os / 3 drużyny2,5 h140 PLN / 33 Euro
4 h160 PLN / 38 Euro
28 os / 7 drużyn2,5 h100 PLN / 24 Euro
4 h120 PLN / 29 Euro

Do you need specifics concerning the price of the urban game?
Count the participants, think about for how long would you like to play and write us!
We will prepare the pricing in the next 24 hours.

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