Gry miejskie w Krakowie
Gry miejskie w Krakowie


Urban Game with pub crawling in Cracow

What is it all about?


Puzzle&Guzzle is a dynamic treasure-hunting-type urban game.
Your goal isto reach the finish line as fast as you can. To find it, you have to follow successive clues, solve puzzles and be very observant (“They” are always out to get you…).

During your adventure, you will check-in at several quaint Cracovian pubs and… drink shots which you have won earlier. .
We play in teams – the winning team will be greeted with a surprise at the finish line!

To sum up: mystery and brain-teasing, scenic spots in Cracow, competition and (a lot of) good alcohol!

Clues and puzzles

Czekają na Ciebie rebusy, zgadywanki, szyfry, zagadki przestrzenne i logiczne, układanki, geocashing, poszukiwania lokacji i osób. Nasze zagadki często wykorzystują materię miasta – rzeźby, kamienice, ulice. Różnorodność powoduje, że na pewno nie będziesz się nudzić!


Urban Game with pubcrawling
Pubcrowling w Krakowie

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Who can play?

Everyone can! You just need to be an adult (if you’re not – we invite you to play our non alcoholic version of the game).
Puzzle&Guzzle is perfect for:




  • alternative way to visit the city
  • exploring the Cracow night life
  • visits to interesting pubs
  • a one of a kind evening
  • variety of alcohol shots




  • unusual birthday / name day
  • stag party / hen party
  • divorce party
  • (sprightly) grandma’s birthday
  • Halloween party / St. Andrew’s Day / because it’s Wednesday


Firms and institutions:


  • bonding event for a company
  • a way to impress the clients
  • non-standard event
  • fringe event (e.g. bonding party for conference participants)

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Na czym polega gra miejska Puzzle&Guzzle?


Where do we play?

Gra Miejska KrakówPuzzle&Guzzle can encompass Cracow’s Old Town or Kazimierz (the old Jewish Quarter).
For those who do not shy away from a challenge (more puzzles and quests as well as double the alcohol), we suggest the combined version played in both locations.

The game is played in the open air.]
We’re not afraid of neither heat nor rain!


How do we play?

In teams!The participants are divided into 3 to 5 person teams and compete to reach the finish line first. There are no restrictions concerning the number of teams.

How much time?

ile trwa gra
Depending on the chosen version from 2 to 5 hours. Each time we adjust the route to the expectations and potential of the group.

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What exactly is included in the price?

  • Several hours of amazing fun!
  • Variety of spirits in (absolutely) sufficient amount! [Warning: real risk of “the day after effect”]
  • Experienced staff of over a dozen people – some of them you will meet at pit stops, but some of them will always watch over the players unnoticed…
  • Full gear – all necessary gadgets and materials will be provided by us at the starting line (just bring your shoes – slippers could prove uncomfortable!)


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